4th year prestige Dog show EPEIROS CUP

14.-15.9.2019 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia

Jenny Webb, UK


Shar Pei

Jenny is from Cambridgeshire in the UK where she lives with her Shar Pei, Leonbergers and a Chow Chow. She has owned, shown and bred Shar Pei for over 20 years successfully making up champions in the UK and Europe. She awards CCs in the UK in the breed and has judged over 30 breeds plus Utility Groups at Open shows level.

Jenny is on the Committee of the Shar Pei Club of Great Britain, until recently as secretary. She is currently the club health rep and KC Breed Health Coordinator for Shar Pei in the UK.

Milovan Mrdak, SRB

Milovan Mrdak 2019
2019 Milovan Mrdak


Dogo Argentino

Mrdak Milovan from Serbia F.C.I. show judge for the II and III group. Relevant experiense judged dog show in Europe and USA. Specialising in group II. Judged specialised molossoid breed show /dogue de bordeaux, mastff, bul mastiff, cane corso, dogo canario, dogo argentino, fila brasiliero, dogo malorqin/. On list of ARBA and ABRA. Judged breed special show of american buldogs in USA and Europe. Make a few seminars about rase dogue de bordeux, cane corso, dogo malorqi. First president of molosser club in ex Yugoslavia. 

Today president of the Serbian dogue de bordeux club. Presented and desplayed dogs bouth in all major Europian and USA shows. Wrote a few special texts about molosser breed. More than 25 year work as dog trainer in own scholl Dog master.

Today deal with breeding of dogue de bordeaux. This year wish to finish with wrote of book about dogue de bordeux. Can make comunication on Italian and English language.

Di Chicco Mariano, IT

Di Chicco Mariano, IT
2019 Di Chicco Mariano, IT


Cane Corso
Presa Canario

Mariano DI CHICCO Since 2007 he has been FCI Judge for All Group 2,4,5 and 10; but he Judge also some breeds of Group 1,3,8,9. He started his dog career as a breeder of Cane Corso. In 1998 he was the first breeder in the history of this breed to obtain the FCI Kennel name, with the designation “Della Porta Dipinta “. He has won several World Championships, European Championships, International Championships and many Italian titles, has written two books on his breed.

He was also the first breeder of Cane Corso to become a judge in 2007. He judged Specialty all over the World for the Cane Corso, from the United States of America to Russia, passing through all the major European countries. He then became a specialist also of the molosser and after of the Bull Type Terriers. In 2015 he was chosen in the jury of the World Championship and in 2016 of the European Championship.

Jurcan Andrea, SRB

2019 Andrea Jurcan, SRB
2019 Andrea Jurcan, SRB


German Spitz
American Akita

I was born in Koper (Slovenia) in 1978. After I have finished high school in Porec (Croatia) I have studied at the University of Trieste (Italy). Since 2011 I lived in Croatia, after that I moved to Serbia so I moved my kennel too.

I am an active cynologist since 2006, a member of KSRS and for years a memeber of breed clubs; “ANICC” Italian National Chow-Chow Club and Chow-Chow Club Austria “CCCA”. I live in a district of Belgrade with my family and my dogs. I fell in love with the breed in the ’90 and I got my first chow in 2000.

I started to breed chow-chows in 2006. in Novigrad-Istria (Croatia) and I registrated my kennel under the affix of „Shen Te Chows“ FCI 5523.

I am International judge for FCI group IV and V (all breeds). I have been judging in several countries at:

– National and International Dog Shows: Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Germany
– Speciality show for group V. in Serbia
– Germann Winner in Leipzig 2015
– Europasieger 2017 Chow Chow’s and group V in the ring of honour
– Chow Chow Ringen Clubshow 2017, Sweden
– Rauno  ANICC 2017, Italy
– Speciality Dansk Chow Chow Klub 2017, Denmark
– Clubshow Chow Chow Slovensko 2018, Slovakia
– 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show during EDS’18 Poland

Lazic Suncica, SRB

Lazic Suncica, SRB
2019 Lazic Suncica, SRB


Chow chow
Bassets (all breeds)
Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Welsh Corgi Pembroke

I was born in Belgrade (Serbia) on September 16th 1981; I have graduated Management.

Since I was a child dogs has always occupied a large part of my life and they always will.

When I was ten years old I finally got my first one, a German Shepherd and after she passed away I got a Russian – European Laika and Belgian Shepherds. Since 1996 I actively practice cynology when I started breeding Belgian Shepherds (Malinois, Groenendael and Tervueren). My kennel “Suny Day’s” is FCI registered under No.4318.

For some years I have been breeding Dobermanns and after that I returned to a breed I always loved the most: Rottweilers.

Till now I bred a lot of Champions, Multichampions & International Champions and I always try to get out the best for the breed.

I have been training dogs for obedience and special trials.

I am International FCI Judge for all FCI groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

I have judged in a lot of countries all around the world and at some of the most prestigious show as the World Dog Show and European Dog Show, Clubshows, Specialities.

Here is a list of the countries I have been judging:

Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, Polland, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Israel, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Philippines, Denmark, Thailand, Netherland, Belgium, Indonesia, Estonia, Sweden, Brasil, Australia, USA, Japan, Venezuela, Guatemala, the USA…