6th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

16.-17.9.2023 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia

Di Chicco Mariano, IT

2019 Di Chicco Mariano, IT


Cane Corso
Presa Canario

Mariano DI CHICCO Since 2007 he has been FCI Judge for All Group 2,4,5 and 10; but he Judge also some breeds of Group 1,3,8,9. He started his dog career as a breeder of Cane Corso. In 1998 he was the first breeder in the history of this breed to obtain the FCI Kennel name, with the designation “Della Porta Dipinta “. He has won several World Championships, European Championships, International Championships and many Italian titles, has written two books on his breed.

He was also the first breeder of Cane Corso to become a judge in 2007. He judged Specialty all over the World for the Cane Corso, from the United States of America to Russia, passing through all the major European countries. He then became a specialist also of the molosser and after of the Bull Type Terriers. In 2015 he was chosen in the jury of the World Championship and in 2016 of the European Championship.