6th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

16.-17.9.2023 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia

Who we are

What is EPEIROS CUP and why should you participate?

The Epeiros Cup was established in, when several clubs came together to organize a joint special show with the award of the CAC SR and the Epeiros Winner title.

The main intention was to join forces and create a canine project that combines exhibitions with expertise, education, all in a pleasant friendly environment.

One of the other important goals was to connect bigger clubs with smaller ones. To help and support each other so that members of smaller and larger clubs have the same quality assessment and access to expertise.

Why the name Epeiros cup?
In the beginning, it was a combination of clubs that covered molosoid breeds. Since, according to literary sources, their cradle of origin is the Epiros region, we chose the name Epeiros cup – Epeiros days. Gradually, the composition of the breeds changed. Today it is much more varied. The name Epeiros cup remained and gradually became a brand that means a valuable canine activity.

The Epeiros Cup is organized every 2 years and has an established program. Every two years, the clubs come together to prepare the exhibition and its varied accompanying program. The preparation includes a thorough selection of judges and professional lecturers.

Participants have the choice of participating in a professional symposium, character tests tailored to each breed, handling school, or a very popular gala dinner.

A great value is also the meeting of important breeders, sharing experience, gaining contacts and, last but not least, a very pleasant atmosphere, for which the Epeiros cup is already known.

The Epeiros cup is a project that is unique in Europe. It creates values ​​that every breeder and owner will appreciate because it provides them with invaluable knowledge and experience.

It is not easy to organize such a complex activity. Therefore, the clubs that participate in it and their individual active representatives deserve recognition and thanks.

Everyone does his or her best by supporting the Epeiros Cup with their active participation. And it’s worth it! We are always sincerely looking forward to everyone who attends the Epeiros Days!