6th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

16.-17.9.2023 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia


Entry Fees

Payment at the show is not permitted.

Name of bank: Tatra banka
Adress of bank: Hodžovo námestie, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
Account name: MKK Slovakiadog
Account No: 2625188073/1100
IBAN: SK 95 1100 0000 002625188073
Variabile symbol: 2023
Information for a recipient: OWNERS NAME

Post and bank charges are to be paid by the exhibitor.

Lower entry fees for the second and other dogs can only be accepted if the name of the owner is absolutely the same as on the 1st entry form. Every exhibitor must mark his exact name and address on the payment confirmation for the organizer to be able to identify the payment. The exhibitors whose entry fees will not reach the organizer´s account by the time of the show or will not be possible to identify, will be considered as unpaid.

1. uzávierka
14. 8. 2023
2. uzávierka
28. 8. 2023
1. pes tr.mladých, stredná, otvorená, šampiónov 40 € 45 €
2. pes tr.mladých, stredná, otvorená, šampiónov 35 € 40 €
Trieda mladší dorast, dorast, čestná, veteránov 20 € 25 €
Súťaže najlepší pár, chovateľská skupina 20 € 25 €
Test temperamentu 22 € 27 €


for exhibitors and breeders (size A5)
Black-white ½ A5 10 €. A5 full size 40 €.
Full color full size only 90 €.
Site of a advertising: full size – A5 – 115 x 180 mm, ½ size 115 x 90 mm.
A finished litography via e mail must be provide in JPG or PDF (min. 300 dpi).

Closing date for Advertising is 30 days. Payment befor is requisite.


Please, enter your dog to the show and to the test of temperament by separate online systems. 

For Test of temperament enter HERE.

Applications should be send only via on line system, which is available on http://dogshow.sk.
Dog show – Epeiros cup (Sunday) 17.9.2023


The exhibitor commits to pay the exhibition fees even when he/she will not take part at the show. Should the show will not be held for the unforeseen cases the exhibition fees will be used to cover the expenses. The organiser may not accept the application without stating the reason. The organiser cannot be held responsible for damages caused by/to a dog. Owner is responsible for any damages caused by the dog.

A judge is obliged to disqualify aggressive dogs. Provoking dogs against each other is not allowed It is forbidden to treat the coat, skin or nose with anything that alters the structure, colour or form. It is forbidden to prepare the dog in the show ground with any substances or equipment. Double handling from outside the ring is forbidden. Violation of these restrictions may result into a dog´s exclusion from the show.

It is not allowed to enter the dog on the day of the show.

Closing Date

An enrolment is possible only via our on line system. LOGIN NOT YET STARTED!

1st deadline 14. AUG 2023
2nd deadline 28. AUG 2023.

Please, respect our deadlines.