6th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

16.-17.9.2023 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia

Mgr. Viera Staviarska

Health condition – breeders attitude. History and standard of the breed Shar-pei.
My first dog was Dalmatian. It was in 1990, after short time I have associated my life with shar-pei. I began discover dog shows world with two lovely female. In 1992 was established my kennel Magic Sonet. In my first litter I had  10 Dalmatian puppies. Next more than 20 years I am devoted only the shar-pei breed. I am not prolific breeders, only breeding when having a need to add to our own shar-pei  family. Thanks to the fact, that we have strictly selected our own dogs for breeding, I am responsible for some nice champions in the breed, including first Junior champion of Slovakia (in this breed) and  the top shar-pei s in Slovakia and Hungary. I was approved to judge  in 1998. Currently I am an international judge FCI for many breeds from I, II,V, VII, IX – FCI Groups, All breeds from  IV and VI. Group FCI, FCI non recognized breeds and Junior Handling.  I am specialist for molasses  and hunting dogs. I have judged numerous dog shows in broad spectrum of levels: National, International, European, World dog show and special club dog shows in many countries in Europe.

I am a founder and president of Shar-pei club in Slovakia, Advisor  of breeding in Shar-pei club in Slovakia, President of Club of molossers in Slovakia, a Member of board – Slovak hunting association – cynology section. Many years I was responsible as a managing director for International and national dog shows in East Slovakia, on the club base I have managed and prepared special club dog shows and lectures for breeders and judges about reviews of standards. I am author of many magazine articles and the first rules of junior handling in Slovak Republic. In 2014 I was awarded On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Slovak Kennel Club, with a silver medal for development of Slovak cynology. In my private life I am working as a marketing manager. My hobbies are gardening, photography and literature, especially nonfiction and bibliography. Of course the best time for relax for me is time which I spend with my adorable dogs.


I speak English, Russian, and Polish.