6th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

16.-17.9.2023 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia

Epeiros professional Symposium


"Details that mean a lot"

Date: 11 SEP 2021, 9:00 AM
Venue: Hotel Zátoka, Senecké jazerá, Senec
Professional chairman: MVDr. Gabriela Ridarčíková, the chairman of the SKJ Judges committee



9:00 – 12:30
The most important details of the standards. Important to know for judges, breeders and exhibitors. The most frequently discussed parts of the standards. A detailed explanation of the selected parts of the standards.


Opening: Mgr. Viera Staviarska

How important are knowledges about details of standard for judges and for breeders. How they can affect the prosperity of the breed?
MVDr. Gabriela Ridarčíková

  1. Dalmatian dog
    Ľudmila Fintorová – Long-term breed advisor, judge and breeder.
  2. Welsh Corgi Pembroke a Cardigan
    Frank Kane – Member of the Presidium of the Kennel Club (UK), The Chairman of the Breed Standards Committee, judge and breeder.
  3. Shar pei
    Mgr. Viera Staviarska – Chairman of the Shar pei club Slovakia and European Federation of SP clubs, judge, breed advisor and  breeder.
Break for a lunch

13:30 – 16:00

  1. Landseer  Genetic diseases – The latest data up date.
    MUDr. Zita Kerak-Lukáčová.
  1. Healthy and pathological dog teeth. The commonest causes in day-to-day clinical practice. The impact of oral health on the quality of dog life.
    MVDr. Nora Lišková, Vet-Dent Bratislava.
  1. Dental problems – judges and breeders point of view. How to deal with deviation in the ring and in the breed line.
    MVDr. Gabriela Ridarčíková.
  1. Conclusion – Take home messages.
    MVDr. Gabriela Ridarčíková.

Attendees will achieve a certificate of of attendance. The symposium is organized by the relevant breed clubs. The symposium is free of charge.
If you are not a member of the one of the breed clubs, co-organizer of Epeiros 2021 please, register yourself using the online application form.

Entry into enclosed spaces – (the Gala dinner and the symposium) based on the current official regulation.