6th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

16.-17.9.2023 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia


The area is very vast. Therefore, the best thing to do is to search for the venue according to the hotels that are at the venue. The exhibition and tests of temperament will be held in front of the Koliba guesthouse. The symposium and gala dinner will be held at the Dolphin Hotel.

Recommended nearby hotels and guesthouses that will accommodate you with your dog are:

Pension Koliba only with a small dog
Hotel Relax
Apartments Puerto
Chata Severka

There are many other places to stay in the vicinity of these hotels and guesthouses. However, look on this side of the lake where the hotels are listed on the location map.

Please note that there is a wedding at the Zátoka hotel at the time of the event! You may be disturbed.

Location map of hotels