6th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

16.-17.9.2023 Sunny Lakes Senec, Slovakia

Show Regulations


The show is held under the FCI and SKJ show regulations. Only dogs registered with stud books recognized by FCI can enter the show. A receipt of an application will be confi rmed 7 days prior to the show in writing.

Applications lacking any necessary document, a copy of the Championship certifi cate for the champion class) will be automatically entered into an open class without notifying owners. A copy of a pedigree must be enclosed to each application. Should the owner forget to indicate the class or should he/she do it incorrectly (regarding the age), the organiser will enter the dog into a relevant class.


Dogs from abroad must have a PET PASSPORT with valid vaccinations.


Double entries as well as late entries (after the closing date) are not permitted. The decisive date for age is the day the dog is shown. In case the dog’s birthday is on the day it is shown, the exhibitor can choose the class (before closing date) where to enter his dog. In case of consecutive shows held in one place over several days, the exhibitor must enter his dog in the appropriate class (before closing date).

Only the following classes are recognized at Epeiros cup:

Minor Puppy Class – correctly inoculated puppies up to 6 months
Puppy Class – from 6 to 9 months
Junior Class – from 9 to 18 months
Veteran Class – from 8 years and over
Intermediate class – from 15 to 24 months
Open Class – 15 months and over
Working Class – 15 months and over
Champion Class – 15 months and over
Honour Class – 15 months and over with title JCH,CH, CW – Ad certificate is necessary
Working Class – To enter a dog in working class, the entry form must be accompanied by a copy of the FCI compulsory certificate, WCC (Working Class Certificate) (annexes 1a) and 1b)), containing the confirmation by the member country in which the holder and/or owner has his legal residence, that the dog has passed an appropriate test as well as details about this test.
Champion Class – To enter a dog in Champion Class, one of the following titles must have been confirmed by the day of the official closing date of entries; proof of this, by copy, must be enclosed with the entry form.

Once the entries for a show have closed it is not allowed to transfer a dog from one class to another except if an administrative mistake was made by the Show Committee.


EPEIROS winner junior – by this title are awarded male and female with CAJC, both continue to BIS competition (BIS junior)
EPEIROS winner 2023 – for this title compete males and females (separately) from classes intermediate, open, working, champion
EPEIROS winner veteran 2023 -by this title are awarded males and females (separately) with Excellent 1 in veteran class. Both continue to BIS competition (BIS veteran)
– for this title compete dogs with titles Epriros junior, Epeiros veteran, Epeiros winner (male and female)
BOS – the nicer from opposite sex


THE BEST BABY – dogs and bitches with  very promising 1 in the puppy class.
THE BEST PUPPY – dogs and bitches with  very promising 1 in the puppy class.
THE BEST JUNIOR (BIS-J) – dogs and bitches with  titles Epeiros junior winner.
THE BEST BOS – females and males with titles BOS.
THE BEST VETERAN (BIS-V) – dogs and females with  titles Epeiros winner veteran.
THE BEST of HONOR CLASSES – dogs and bitches with  titles excellent 1  in honor class.
BRACE/THE BEST COUPLE GROUP – A dog and a bitch of the same breed and variety and belonging to the same owner, no co-owner.
THE BEST BREEDER’S GROUP – To compete in these groups/competitions, the dogs must be entered individually in one of the compulsory classes. Min 3 and max 5 dogs in one group.
TOP EPEIROS UNIVERSAL – an introduction of all the most successful dogs of each breed in test of temperament. 3 the best dogs – with highest score will be awarded in the final exhibition. The scoring table is attached to the propositions. Only those who participated in the test of temperament  and in dog show can attend.
BEST IN SHOW – dogs with title BOB