5th Year prestige Dog Show EPEIROS CUP

11.-12.9.2019 Mojmirovce, Slovakia

Show Regulations


The show is held under the FCI and SKJ show regulations. Only dogs registered with stud books recognized by FCI can enter the show. A receipt of an application will be confi rmed 7 days prior to the show in writing.

Applications lacking any necessary document, a copy of the Championship certifi cate for the champion class) will be automatically entered into an open class without notifying owners. A copy of a pedigree must be enclosed to each application. Should the owner forget to indicate the class or should he/she do it incorrectly (regarding the age), the organiser will enter the dog into a relevant class.


Applications should be send only via on line system, which is available on http://www.onlinedogshows.sk.

online prihlasenie

The exhibitor commits to pay the exhibition fees even when he/she will not take part at the show. Should the show will not be held for the unforeseen cases the exhibition fees will be used to cover the expenses. The organiser may not accept the application without stating the reason. The organiser cannot be held responsible for damages caused by/to a dog. Owner is responsible for any damages caused by the dog.

A judge is obliged to disqualify aggressive dogs. Provoking dogs against each other is not allowed It is forbidden to treat the coat, skin or nose with anything that alters the structure, colour or form. It is forbidden to prepare the dog in the show ground with any substances or equipment. Double handling from outside the ring is forbidden. Violation of these restrictions may result into a dog´s exclusion from the show.

It is not allowed to enter the dog on the day of the show.


Dogs from abroad must have a PET PASSPORT with valid vaccinations.


CAJC, Epeiros Junior Winner – Certificate for the Junior champion title may be awarded to a male and female that is excellent 1 in junior class.

CAC – Certificate for the Slovak beauty champion title may be awarded to a male and female that is excellent 1 in intermediate, open, champion class.

CAC Reserve – May be awarded to a male and female that is excellent 2 in intermediate, open, champion class, in case that the CAC was awarded.

Epeiros Winner – For this title certificate compete the males and females with CAC.

Epeiros universal 2019 – for this title compete male and female of each breed. This title is for dog with the highest grand total points from Epeiros cup and Epeiros test of temperaments 2019.

Víťaz plemena (BOB) – For this title compete the males and females awarded with Epeiros Winner, Epeiros Junior Winner, Epeiros Veteran Winner.

TOP Epeiros universal 2019 – for this title compete all Epeiros winner universal 2019 dogs.

Best in show (BIS) – For this title compete all BOB.


THE BEST BABY – dogs and bitches with  very promising 1 in the puppy class
THE BEST PUPPY – dogs and bitches with  very promising 1 in the puppy class
THE BEST JUNIOR – dogs and bitches with  titles Epeiros junior winner
THE BEST MALE – dogs – males with  titles Epeiros winner
THE BEST FEMALE – fenales with  titles Epeiros winner
THE BEST VETERAN – dogs and females with  titles Epeiros winner veteran
THE BEST of HONOR CLASSES – dogs and bitches with  titles excellent 1  in honor class
JUNIOR HANDLING – Final competition
TOP EPEIROS UNIVERSAL – an introduction of all the most successful dogs of each breed in test of temperament. 3 the best dogs – with highest score will be awarded in the final exhibition. The scoring table is attached to the propositions. Only those who participated in the test of temperament  and in dog show can attend.
BEST IN SHOW – dogs with title BOB